Delectable, elegant cooking

Bart van der Lee

Rising to fame as a finalist on MasterChef in 2020, Bart's cooking is unique, daring and stunningly beautiful. Consistently producing elegant plates of food filled with classic technique, precision, and unique flavours.

Bart's passion for fine cuisine is influenced by the culinary giants he worked for during his training. He started his first Michelin star job at age 19 and hasn't looked back. Working his way up through the ranks in some of the world's best restaurants such as Noma, The Waterside Inn Beluga, Toine Hermsen and Henk Savelberg.

Today Bart is driven by his incredible journey and makes food that never fails to surprise. He remains inspired by memories from his childhood, such as picking blueberries in the forest and fishing in the local rivers. Bart's search for unique flavours led him to the banks of the River Nile, Swiss mountain tops and Caribbean beaches. Today you can taste a little touch of these places in each of his creations.

In 2020, Bart became a finalist on BBC1 MasterChef: The Professionals. This culinary achievement has propelled his career to new heights.

Launching his online cooking classes, a culinary app, and a nationwide private dining business. It keeps him busy and full of energy, always ready for the next adventure...

He's thrilled to be showcasing his exquisite culinary delights on Real Cooks.