Live cooking classes

Ciara Fennessy

Ciara Fennessy is the owner of Ciara's Kitchen, a live cooking demonstration class where groups of people of all skill levels gather and learn how to cook in a fun and sociable environment.

After training in Ballymaloe Cookery School in 2004, Ciara realised early on in her cooking career that teaching others was what she enjoyed the most. Ciara identified a gap in the market for smaller and fun learning venues and this is how she founded Ciara's Kitchen.

Ciara wanted the customers to feel at home in a fun and sociable environment where people aren't afraid of asking questions. The live cooking demonstrations were conducted in small and interactive groups and aimed at providing customers with not only cooking lessons but also an enjoyable night out without costing them much. 

Ciara's demonstrations cover a wide range of topics from Fish to BBQ, Healthy Eating to Quick Dinners. At least 8 dishes are cooked over the evening which are tasted once they are ready and guests leave with copies of the recipes so that they can easily recreate the dishes at home.

"I have been a lifelong fan of Kenwood. I cannot work without my mini chopper and always tell my customers that it is one product they will never regret buying. I only use equipment that is realistic for my customers to also buy. I think the same way about ingredients. I want each person to be able to recreate exactly what I have made. I also use my food processor, hand blender, hand mixer and stand mixer in most demos. All of these are Kenwood."