Conor Spacey
Plant based pioneer

Conor Spacey

Conor is delighted to team up with Kenwood to show simple, tasty, plant based dishes that everyone can enjoy at home.

Conor is committed to investigating our global food system and finding solutions to ensure that we can have a sustainable food system that ensures everyone has access to nutritious food and no one goes hungry.

His work has also led to him becoming one of the original members and authors of the Chefs Manifesto, a global network of chefs that now spans over 80 countries that work on 8 thematic areas for chefs to become more sustainable and focus on the United Nations sustainable development goals.

A lot of his work has also seen him collaborate with many NGO’s including World Vision, Concern, WFP, Eat foundation, FAO and many more.

With over 30 years cooking in professional kitchens, he has always championed fresh, local ingredients and works very closely with farmers and growers throughout the country.Conor enjoys sharing his work on zero waste and plastic free kitchens that also have a low carbon footprint that people can introduce to their homes as well as professional kitchens.

Conor is also a co-founder and culinary director of FoodSpace, an award winning contract catering company, that has turned large scale catering into a sustainable system that is also responsible for building circular economies, zero waste and plastic free kitchens/cafes throughout Ireland .

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