Damien wager Chef
Self-taught Pastry Chef

Damien Wager

Damien Wager is a self-taught pastry chef, who over the past few years has risen towards the top of the U.K. Pastry Chef rankings due to his numerous exploits & achievements.

Damien founded 'Edible Art Patisserie', in 2017 and his star is very much still on the rise, in no small part due to his rapidly growing social media following.

Numerous publication articles and features in top magazines such as ‘Chef’, ‘Olive’ & ‘House of Coco’, as well as being nominated for 'Young Chef of the Year' at the 2018 Restaurant Awards in a category brimming with talent, have certainly propelled him onto many chefs and critics radars.

Damien also released his second published project, ‘Breaking the Mould’, in March 2021 & recently opened his first flagship patisserie under the Edible Art banner on August 1st, 2020 in the prestigious district of Montpellier, in Cheltenham.