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Hot Dishes and Meals

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  • Always ask permission from an adult when you want to use the oven or the stove. 
  • Use oven mitts when removing a hot dish from the stove or the oven.
  • When you are boiling water make sure you haven’t put too much water so it doesn't overflow.
  • Be careful to not burn yourself when you are moving a hot meal, for example, when you are moving the meal from a pan to a plate.
  • Don’t leave the stove unattended while on. When you are cooking your favourite meals, don’t forget that they will require your full attention. 
  • Be careful when you are lifting the lid from hot dishes - the handle might be hot. There might also be hot water piled under the lid from the steaming which can burn you.
  • When you are carrying a hot meal make sure there is no one nearby and hold it tight to not drop it. It's always better to ask an adult to do this instead as it might be heavier than you expect and slip through your fingers.

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