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How to Measure Ingredients?

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To make your favourite recipe successfully it’s important to measure the ingredients the right way.

1. How to measure dry ingredients?
To measure dry ingredients you need a dry measuring cup. You can also use a coffee/tea mug.
2. How to measure flour and sugar?
Use a spoon to put flour into the measuring cup. If you have some extra flour on top, make it even with the back of a butter knife.
3. How to measure oats? 
First, make sure you are using the correct oats that you need for your recipe. To measure oats you have to do the same thing we do for the flour and the sugar to make sure you’ve got the right amount you will need for your recipe. 
4. How to measure liquids such as milk or oil? 
Liquids are measured with a liquid measuring cup which has lines with the different measures you need (100ml, 200ml). Pour the liquid into the cup and then check if it’s on the line of the amount you need.
5. How to measure baking soda, baking powder, salt and vanilla?
To measure these ingredients, you need measuring spoons. If you don't have measuring spoons, you can use these instead:

  • a dinner spoon (the big one) when you have 1tbsp for example
  • a coffee spoon (the small one) when you have 1tsp for example

6. How to measure thick ingredients such as yogurt or sour cream? 
These ingredients are measured in a dry measuring cup. With a spoon, add the ingredient into the measuring cup and then make it even on the top with a butter knife. 
7. How to measure eggs? 
Eggs don’t have to be measured with a measuring cup but they should be cracked in a separate bowl to avoid a shell falling when cracking the egg.

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