From Wednesday, 26 Oct 2022

Halloween or Celebration Cake

by Lily Hayzelden

60 mins
It's a little harder
  • Ingredients

    Chocolate cake
    Link to Mr Bakers Chocolate Cake as per ingredient list and method to bake

    Ingredients for decoration

    • 500g unsalted butter
    • 840g icing sugar
    • 2 tsp of vanilla essence
    • 12 sandwich biscuits for the buttercream mixture
    • 8 for the decoration
    • 2oz of melting chocolate of your choice (chopped)


    • Pumpkin chocolate
    • Spooky eyes edible decoration
    • Sprinkles of your choice


    • Off set spatula
    • Piping bag and a tip for decoration
    • Scraper required for the buttecream on the cake
  • 1. Add the butter at room temperature and mix on slow speed.

    2. Start to add the icing sugar, work this in 3 parts to avoid an icing sugar explosion!

    3. Mix until fully incorporated.

    4. Crush the 12 sandwich biscuits (remove the cream inside to make it easier).

    5. Add the oreo biscuits to the buttercream mixture.

    6. Then add your vanilla essence and blend further.

    7. Start to add the buttercream to your cake and slowly use your scraper to ensure a smooth finish. Add extra buttercream where necessary to get the finished look.

    8. Melt the chocolate in the microwave or oven hob in a glass bowl for 30 seconds and keep mixing until smooth consistency.

    9. Drip the cake in chocolate with a spoon or piping bag.

    10. Place the sandwich biscuits on top of the cake.

    11. Fill the piping bag with buttercream and decorate in between the oreos.

    12. Pipe the buttercream onto the top of the cake and add chocolate pumpkins or decoration of your choice.

    13. Add sandwich biscuits to the side of the cake, edible eyes and use the sprinkles to decorate and get the finished look!

    Love Lily x

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