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Steam Red Mullet, Chilli Sambal, Spring Onion, Coriander & Puffed Rice

Preparation time:
35 minutes
Cooking time:
50 minutes

Steam Red Mullet, Chilli Sambal, Spring Onion, Coriander & Puffed Rice is a part one of a “Two Part Dish”. It is accompanied by Orzo Pasta cooked in spicy Prawn broth. This recipe is fantastic, and you can also learn how to cook Prawn Mousse and Sambal. Prepare this fancy meal for your dear one.

  • Cauliflower Egg Fried No Rice


    • 2 X 300g Red Mullet  (Chefs Recommended Alternatives, Sea Bream, Snapper Or Mackerel)
    • 60g Sambal (See Recipe Below )
    • 100g Prawn Mousse (See Recipe Below)
    • Spring Onion
    • Sprigs Thyme
    • 20g Wild Rice
    • 150ml Veg Oil
    For the Prawn Mousse:
    • 200g Prawn Meat
    • 200g Double Cream
    • 4 Egg Whites
    • 6g Maldon Salt
    • 1 Zest Lemon
    • Chives
    For the Sambal:
    • 300g Shallots
    • 400 Vegetable Oil
    • 40g Red Chilli (Deseeded)
    • 1 Scotch Bonnet Chilli
    • 30g Palm Sugar
    • 30g Caster Sugar
    • 80g Tomato Paste
    • 40g Ketchup
    • 20g Cloves Garlic
    • 30g Fresh Ginger
    • 50ml Sherry Vinegar
    • 10g Maldon Salt
    • 20ml Fish Sauce
    For the Fresh Pasta:
    • 300g 00 Flour
    • 3 Eggs
    • 5g Turmeric
    • Pinch Salt
  • Method

    • Score fish along each side of the spine, then using a scissors, cut the middle bone out (this is for boat filleting,) you ask your fishmonger to do also.
    • Fill this cavity with prawn mousse (see recipe below).
    • Slice spring onions thinly on an angle then place in ice water to curl up.
    • In a small pan add vegetable oil and heat to 180g degrees, then drop your wild rice inside for 10sec, once puffed up, strain off immediately and leave to cool on j-cloth or towel.
    • Take your fish sprinkle with thyme, salt & pepper.
    • Place fish onto a steamer basket, above 110 degree steam approx. 7mins depending on the size of the fish, if your just using fillets, cooking time will reduce. 
    For the Prawn Mousse:
    • Place prawn meat, salt & egg whites into chopper, buzz for 30 seconds.
    • Then add double cream slowly & continue to blend everything together to obtain smooth mousse.
    • Remove grate in lemon zest, fold in chop chives, leave in fridge until ready to use.
    For the Sambal:
    • Peel shallots, garlic & ginger put into chopper attachment, along with tomato paste, salt, sugars, chillies  and ½ the vegetable oil, pulse down.
    • Then place the blended mix into the cooking chef XL bowl, stirring attachment, 60 degrees on speed 2 for 1hr.
    • Once timer rings add ketchup, fish sauce and vinegar.
    • Taste, place in a bowl to cool, store in fridge.
    For the Fresh Pasta:
    • Whisk eggs, turmeric and pinch of salt together in a bowl.
    • Add flour and start to mix Using paddle attachment speed 2.
    • Mix until mixture forms crumbles then remove and knead by hand to form a dough.
    • Cling film and place in the fridge to rest for 30mins before using.
    • Once rested remove from the fridge roll out using lasagne attachment starting at 0 working up to 5.
    • Then change to spaghetti attachment to cut.
    • Cook for 4mins in spicy prawn broth above or blanch in boiling salted water.
  • Chef's Notes

    • Chef's tip - Make the Sambal 1-2 days in advance, add dried prawns or bacon for added flavour profile.

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