Chef Kwanghi Chan
Irish TV Chef

Kwanghi Chan

Alongside with the Hosts of the show, Kwanghi Chan is the Resident Chef creating fast fusion cooking on the slot on The Six O'Clock Show.

Hong Kong born Kwanghi Chan is a popular Irish TV Chef who is on a mission to demystify home cooking, empowering individuals to be more confident in the kitchen. Having grown up in his family’s Buncrana-based Chinese restaurant, Kwanghi is well accustomed to the delicate aromas and complexities of traditional Chinese cuisine that still fuel his passion for rich and bold flavours today.

During his 30 year career, Kwanghi has worked in restaurants including the Michelin starred Cliff House Hotel in Ardmore, Co Waterford as Head Chef. In 2015, he took on the role of director of Soder+Ko in Dublin. His career has allowed him to witness the transformation and expansion of Asian cuisine trends in southeast Asia as well as in Ireland. Kwanghi's frequent travels back to Asia have allowed him to find newfound opportunities to broaden the variety of Asian delicacies found on Irish soil.

In 2016, his passion for bringing authentic Asian flavours to the masses empowered him to launch his own sauces and condiments Range, ChanChan. These are available across major supermarkets and artisan stores. He also opened Bowls by Kwanghi in 2018, a simple rice and dumpling eatery located in Dublin. More recently, Bowls have launched their own range of Home Meal Kits, removing the stress and hassle by adding joy back into home cooking. Kwanghi’s latest endeavour, Bites by Kwanghi, sees him launching a food trailer serving modern pan-Asian street food.

Kwanghi is looking forward to sharing his experience and knowledge through recipes on Real Cooks.

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