MasterChef Semi-Finalist

Nisha Parmar

From a very young age, Nisha has been fascinated by food. She first appeared on Masterchef 2018, where she was a Semi Finalist, impressing the judges with her salmon curry and lamb puff pastry parcels. Nisha is a private chef and menu consultant that enjoys experimenting with worldwide flavours.     

Nisha's passion for food started from a very young age. At the age of 6, She enjoyed watching cookery shows and pretending she was the host, teaching people how to cook. That's when she realised that she wanted to learn how to make all the food she has seen on television. With a fascination for worldwide flavours, Nisha started her cooking journey through recreating dining experiences acquired first through school meals and then through restaurant dining and travelling. Nisha gets her true inspiration from traveling the world and exploring local cuisines. After having a career in the banking industry, she decided it was time for a change. Her culinary talents and modern approach to indian cuisine were given the recognition she deserved when she was crowned semi-finalist of MasterChef UK 2018. Nisha is currently a private chef and menu consultant. She offers a private home dining experience with MasterChef meals inspired by worldwide flavours that she has experienced first hand while traveling. Nisha has also developed her own Café, Nourish by Nisha, a stylish and chic cafe with a little window into Nisha's kitchen at home.