Authentic Mauritian Cooking

Shelina Permalloo

Rising to fame after winning Master Chef in 2012, Shelina is looking forward to showing authentic Mauritian dishes on Real Cooks. 

Shelina Permalloo is a chef, restaurateur and winner of Master Chef 2012. Muslim in faith and Mauritian in ethnicity, when she isn't cooking up a storm in the kitchen, she is also a proud single Mum to a 3yr old little girl. Her daughter half Moroccan heritage greatly inspires her culinary endeavours as well as her own heritage, which can be traced back to the African island of Mauritius.

Food, family and friends define Shelina and her goals - to share food with people and help change their lives by inspiring them to cook for their family and themselves and gaining confidence in the process. Shelina’s restaurant is her heart and soul and first baby, and she intends to open more restaurants in the near future.

In April 2016, Shelina opened up her first restaurant ‘Lakaz Maman Mauritian Street Kitchen’ in Southampton, UK. Number 1 for Street Food in Southampton Lakaz Maman means Mum’s house, an ode to the inspiration behind her cookery success. The restaurant focuses on Modern Mauritian Street Food, showcasing the best of this African island. Lakaz Maman is managed by an all-female management team which is rare within the hospitality industry. Shelina is very proud to pioneer equality and diversity within the workplace.

Shelina has also made several TV appearances, showcasing delicious culinary delights and unique dishes inspired by her Mauritian heritage. Since then, she has also published several delicious cookery books, including her 2015 ‘Sunshine Diet’. She is looking forward to showcasing the pleasures of the small African island here on Real Cooks.