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Sweet Potato Mash Flatbreads

Sweet Potato Mash Flatbreads
Preparation time:
35 minutes
Cooking time:
10 minutes

What we love about the mighty sweet potato is just how versatile it is. These flatbreads are a great way of using up leftover sweet potato mash, taking this vegetable's versatility to a whole new level. Perfect for delicious lunchtime wraps or for dunking into scrumptious soups or curries. Super simple to make and only requires four ingredients. Making these is a must!

  • Ingredients

    To make the samosa pastry:
    • 225g leftover sweet potato mash
    • 300g plain flour
    • 50ml warm water
    • 1/2tsp salt
  • Method

    To make the brownies:
    • In the bowl, weigh out the flour, warm water, sweet potato mash and add in the salt
    • Attach the dough hook and mix the dough for around 3-4 minutes until the mixture is one homogenous dough
    • Remove from the bowl and divide the dough equally into six pieces – you can weigh each piece using the in-built scales
    • Allow the pieces of dough to rest for 30 minutes
    • Dip each dough ball into some plain flour and dust off using a rolling pin. Roll the dough into a circle, adding more flour if the dough begins to stick to the counter. Roll the dough to around the size of a dinner plate
    • Heat a flat griddle pan over a medium to high heat, place the raw rolled dough onto the flat pan, allow some bubbles to appear on the surface. Flip the dough and then brush the top side with some vegetable oil as soon as this happens. Once you see more bubbles appear, repeat the process by flipping and brushing the top with more oil and then wait for the flatbreads to be cooked. You will notice it is cooked when you have lots of air bubbles and the bread colour changes to a deep dark orange/brown
    • Remove from the heat and wrap the bread in a clean tea towel to keep warm and soft. Continue this process with the other five flatbreads until they are all cooked.
    • Serve immediately or keep in an airtight container and use for lunch wraps or eaten with a delicious soup or curry.

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