The Frostery

Suzanne Thorp

Described as one of the UK's most exciting and creative cake designers, Suzanne is a craftswoman who uses the traditional techniques of sugarcraft in contemporary cake design, connecting the old and new in a unique way to delight her clients at home and overseas.

A Kenwood food mixer was the first machine I was left alone with to use as a child, to make Fairy Cakes in my Grandma’s kitchen. Since those early baking days I’ve made thousands of celebration cakes of every description. Many have taken centre stage at the most momentous times in people’s lives and it’s been my Kenwood food mixer that has been at my side through them all. The craftsmanship, strength and durability mean it has no problems with the demands of a professional kitchen.

I am so proud to be an ambassador for Kenwood, it’s an iconic brand that means a lot to me personally and professionally. It’s very exciting to get to experience all the Kenwood products, they really do take the hard work out of baking. All budding bakers need nothing more than a Kenwood food mixer to create the perfect bakes.