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Japanese Strawberry Shortcake

Japanese Strawberry Shortcake
Preparation time:
24 hours
Cooking time:
40 minutes

This authentic strawberry shortcake is a staple within Japanese culture. Although called a shortcake, this cake uses light airy sponge cakes filled with homemade strawberry syrup and fluffy whipped cream.  Whatever the occasion, this fresh dessert will go down a blast with friends and family.

  • Ingredients

    For the sponge cake:
    • 120g eggs
    • 60g self-raising flour
    • 60g granulated sugar
    • 10g butter
    • 10g milk
    • 2 drops vanilla essence
    For the strawberry syrup:
    • 40ml water
    • 25g granulated sugar
    • 1 tsp strawberry jam
    For the whipped cream:
    • 600ml cream
    • 80g granulated sugar
    For the garnish:
    • 2 Strawberries
  • Method

    For the sponge cake:
    • Sieve flour well and put baking paper on the mould.
    • Place butter, milk and vanilla essence into a mixing bowl
    • Whip eggs in the bowl and add sugar. Middle speed 5 for 3mins then speed 3 for 10mins.
      (do not make big bubbles)
    • Add flour onto egg by 2-3 times and fold flour with creaming beater attachment, speed min.
    • Place bowl of butter and milk mix onto bain-marie and bring temp up to 50c.
    • Add the sponge cake mix to butter mix and mix fast.
    • Pour sponge mix to mould and bake 160c 25mins, then turn around and bake 5mins.
    • Take the cake out from the oven and drop mould from 10cm high.
    • Take the cake out from the mould and place the cake upside down on the net and cloth.
    • Wrap in cloth and rest cake for 1 night.
    For the syrup :
    • Place water and sugar into the saucepan and heat until sugar is dissolved. Off from the heat and add strawberry jam, mix well.
    • Cut the sponge cake into half from the side and brush syrup on the sponge cake (bottom part) when the syrup is warm.
    For the whipped cream:
    • Place cream and sugar into the mixing bowl then whip the cream until stiff peaks.
    To assemble:
    • Cut half amount of strawberry into halves.
    • Put whipped cream onto the bottom part of the sponge cake, put cut strawberries on the cream then cover strawberries with more cream on top.
    • Put another top half of the sponge cake onto the strawberry and cream.
    • Use a palette knife and cover the whole cake with cream.
    • Put the rest of the strawberries on the cake.

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