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Pork Shoulder & Fennel Seed Sharer

Pork Shoulder & Fennel Seed Sharer
Preparation time:
15 minutes
Cooking time:
45 minutes

There’s nothing like cooking a large chunk of meat on the BBQ for everyone to share, and this one will up your BBQ game like never before! Citrus and fennel seed marinade dressed over a butterflied pork shoulder cooked on the BBQ with roasted sweet potatoes done straight on the coals!

  • Ingredients

    • 1.8kg pork shoulder, skin removed and butterflied open
    • 2 tbsp fennel seeds, lightly toasted
    • 1 tbsp sea salt
    • Dozen black peppercorns
    • 2 cloves garlic, peeled, halved
    • 4 sprigs of fresh thyme
    • 4 sprigs of fresh parsley
    • 1 lemon
    • 1 tsp cider vinegar
    • 60ml olive oil
    • 30ml water
    • 4 large sweet potatoes
    • 4 sprigs rosemary
    • 200g sour cream to serve
    • Green leaves to serve
  • Method

    • Firstly make sure you pre-heat your BBQ

    For the marinade:
    • Start with the marinade; add to the MultiPro Go the fennel seeds, garlic, salt, thyme, peppercorns and pulse until the dry ingredients are pulverised, then add the olive oil, vinegar, juice of lemon and pulse again, adding a splash of water if needed to loosen.

    • Taste, add more olive oil, salt or lemon juice to suit your preference, then split the marinade into two bowls (one for the meat, one that hasn’t been in contact with the meat to dress it later).

    For the pork:
    • Lay the butterflied shoulder of pork out flat and, using a sharp knife, make a few incisions on both sides, then massage one-half of the marinade all over. You can do this up to 24 hours before and keep it in the fridge (or if last minute – rub and cook!).

    For the sweet potatoes:
    • Lightly oil the sweet potatoes, sprinkle with a little salt and wrap in foil with a sprig of rosemary, do this for all the potatoes individually.

    To cook:
    • Once the BBQ is hot and the charcoal, if using, is glowing embers, place the sweet potato parcels around the edge of the charcoal to cook for 35/45 minutes, turning them halfway through cooking.

    • Return the grill to the top of the bbq and place the pork shoulder over direct heat. Leave this to cook for a good 10 minutes until it is nicely charred but not burnt, then turn it over and cook for another 10 minutes.

    • After that, turn it every five minutes until it has been cooking for about 35-45 minutes or is no longer pink inside. Remove from the heat, place into a tray, covered, to rest for 20 minutes.

    To serve:
    • Once rested, carve the shoulder into 1 inch slices and drizzle over the remaining marinade (untouched by raw meat) and serve along side the sweet potatoes, cut open with a little dollop of sour cream and a simple green salad.

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